Stand-Alone Sermons

Stand-Alone Sermons

From time to time a message is preached that is not part of an ongoing series. You'll find those messages here.


Simple Sheep and a Good Shepherd

Brian Bradley – Jul 09, 2017

Faith That Moves You

Aaron Nebrija – May 21, 2017

God's Heart for Image-Bearers

Matt Porter – Jan 29, 2017

How to Have a #Blessed 2017

Matt Porter – Jan 01, 2017

Joy to the [Divided] World

Matt Porter – Dec 24, 2016

Mid-Year Update

Matt Porter – Jun 26, 2016

Easter and the Wisdom of God

Matt Porter – Mar 27, 2016

Vision 2016

Matt Porter – Jan 10, 2016

Jesus is Better

Matt Porter – Apr 05, 2015


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