Outward Silverton meets every Sunday at 11am at Gallon House Farms.

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Loving Jesus and Living Outward in Silverton

Outward Church Silverton was launched in June 2021 as a new location of Outward Church.

When and Where

Sundays at 11am at Gallon House Farms (7263 Gallon House Rd NE, Silverton, OR 97381)

Ways you can get involved


We're looking for volunteers to help with set up, music, greeting, etc. There are many ways you can help make church in a barn happen! Follow the link below sign up.



Share the Outward Church Silverton social media pages to help spread the word! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.



Donate to help with startup costs. Every dollar makes a difference in establishing this outpost for the Gospel. Make a tax-deductible donation at the link below.


Questions you may have

Why Silverton?

The stirring to plant a church in Silverton has come about through a variety of factors. Outward Church has always had a relatively significant number of members and leaders located in and around Silverton, and when Outward elders began sensing a call from God to plant a church, Silverton seemed like a natural choice for an outpost of the Gospel. Over the past several months as we have investigated the idea of a Silverton church plant, God has consistently opened doors and seemed to confirm this stirring.

In addition to having a rich history and being home to some of the most beautiful scenery in our state, we are confident the community of Silverton is eager for a passionate, crafted, disruptive witness to the Gospel. We are excited to join God in the work of seeing the lives of men, women, and children in the Silverton area transformed by the Gospel.

Who is leading Outward Church Silverton?

The current Outward Church elders are overseeing Outward Church Silverton. Preaching on Sundays is shared between Pastor Matt and other members of our preaching team. For more details, see question below regarding "church plant vs campus."

Is this a church plant or a campus?

This depends who you ask, and what you mean when you use those terms. In the sense that this is a "baby" church of Outward Church, then yes it is a church plant. We have identified a location where God has opened doors for us to send people, leaders, and resources to start something new, with the intent that it will grow into a fully-functioning church, comprised of members and leaders who call the Silverton area home. With that said, the way we are initially planting Silverton is as a new expression, or location, of Outward Church (we really like the term "outpost"). The current elders of Outward Church will oversee both locations (Salem and Silverton), and church staff and leaders will have shared responsibilities between the two outposts of Outward Church.

Is this a video venue?

No. There will be in-person preaching and music at each Outward Church location (Salem and Silverton) every Sunday.

What are the biggest needs right now?

We are asking EVERYONE to please devote some time on a regular basis to be praying for this launch. We feel confident that God has revealed His will on this, and will provide everything necessary to bring about this expansion of His Kingdom. However, each us has a role to play in participating with this launch. The most significant need we have is for the members of Outward Church to be seeking after God in prayer - praying for His will to be done, prayer for faithfulness against Satan's attacks, and praying for the daily provision of God's presence.

Beyond that, here are some categories where we have a variety of needs right now:

  • Resources (money, equipment, storage, etc)
  • Locations (midweek meeting space, long-term solutions, etc)
  • People (core launch team, serving teams, set up/tear down help, etc)
  • Plan/Process (logistics)

Love Jesus. Live Outward.

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