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Get Directions

What to Expect at Outward Church

When You Arrive

When You Arrive

Our friendly Campus Safety volunteers will help you know where to park.

Once you’re inside, be sure to stop by Connect Central – it’s the big desk right in the middle of the lobby. Let one of our Connect Team members know that you’re new – we have a welcome gift waiting for you!

Where Do My Kids Go?

Where Do My Kids Go?

Outward Kids is our environment designed especially for kids age birth* through the 5th grade. Your kids will have a blast while learning about Jesus! Look for the check-in desk on the far side of the lobby from the main entrance.

*If you’re not quite ready to leave your infants in the nursery yet, we have a Mom's Room where you can watch a live feed of the service.

The Service

The actual service lasts about 85 minutes. Here's what you can expect...


Our band will play a few songs before the sermon, and one or two after. This is a time for the church to celebrate Jesus and focus our hearts and minds on God. Sing along if you’d like, or feel free to simply listen. We like our music on the loud side – if you want earplugs, we have them! You can find them at the back by the sound booth.


At Outward you’ll hear about Jesus a lot. Every week one of our teaching pastors, usually Pastor Matt, will share from the Bible about Jesus and how life was designed to work. We usually teach through a book of the Bible a few verses at a time. Don’t have a Bible? Grab one at Connect Central, or download the free Bible App.


After the sermon each week we provide an opportunity to participate in communion. This is a time for followers of Jesus to reflect on Jesus’ death on the cross, pray, and remember the unity we have in Christ. If you’re new, feel free to simply reflect on the sermon and listen to the band play. Or, if you'd like to pray with someone, members of our Prayer Team are available at the back of the Worship Center.

Next Steps

Becoming a part of the church is more than just attending a service – but that’s a great place to start! Plan to come back for a few weeks to get a sense of what following Jesus looks like at Outward Church.

Love Jesus. Live outward.

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