Baby Bottle Campaign for Hope

Jan 17, 2020

From Jan 19 to Feb 23, Outward Church is partnering with Hope Pregnancy Clinic in Salem for their annual Baby Bottle Campaign.

Hope Pregnancy Clinic exists to empower women who are unprepared for pregnancy to make healthy, life-affirming decisions. Hope is a free medical clinic offering pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling and community referrals. In addition, Hope also looks for an opportunity to share the message of God’s love and salvation with every patient.

​Here's how the Baby Bottle Campaign works

​Here's how the Baby Bottle Campaign works

On any Sunday between Jan 19 and Feb 23, pick up a specially marked baby bottle from Connect Central, fill it with change, cash or checks, and bring it back to Outward any Sunday by Feb 23.

This Baby Bottle Campaign is simple enough to do with your whole family, and is a powerful way to serve young women and babies in our community.

Get to know Hope

For more info about Hope Pregnancy Clinic and the services they offer, call 503-364-2464 or click below.

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