Important info for Front St road closure

Sep 13, 2017

Hi church family,

Due to railroad construction, Front St is currently closed from the Front St bypass to D street.

This will have an impact on Sunday parking for October 1. Here's what this will mean for you:

  1. Front St is closed in front of the church, with no access to either of our driveways. This means the ONLY access to church parking is the alley way near the Union St pedestrian bridge (DETOUR ROUTE POSTED BELOW). We will set out signage on Sunday to help
  2. We will not have access to the McNary Square parking lot across the street. This will mean we will be parking cars on Division St, in addition to the church/Cascade Door lot. If you can, it would be helpful to plan in advance to park a bit further away this Sunday to be sure to leave plenty of space in our lot for the elderly and those with children. 

Thanks in advance for your patience with this situation! Our friendly Campus Safety team will be well-equipped to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible!

Detour route

Detour route

This is the ONLY way to access Outward Church during railroad construction.

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