LEAD is a leader development course intended to raise up servant leaders within Outward Church.

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LEAD is a 2-semester (Spring and Fall) annual leader development course intended to discover, disciple, and develop servant leaders within Outward Church. Its ultimate aim is to develop godly leaders committed to Christ and the local expression of His church at the deepest level, possessing the necessary qualities and skills to lead in a variety of capacities.

LEAD is intended for anyone desiring to lead an Outward Group, a discipleship group, lead a serve team, teach a class, pursue further training as an elder or church planter, or anyone simply wanting to grow as a disciple and become better equipped to lead in areas relevant to the leader’s unique passions and gifting.

Each semester of LEAD will cover 3-4 discipleship topics related to a leader’s development, which will be learned through:

  • A combination of self-directed study content, made up of videos and some reading that corresponds with each session (averages out to roughly an hour/week of content).
  • Monthly cohort-style gathering of leaders-in-training ("Lead Labs"). Each month's discussion will be based on the assigned study content for that month, focusing on a unique element of discipleship. Individuals going through LEAD must commit to attending ALL Lead Labs for that semester.
  • Regular participation in an online discussion forum to discuss the content being covered.

LEAD Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in each semester?


  1. Doctrine
  2. Mission
  3. Relationships
  4. Leadership


  1. Devotion
  2. Marriage & family
  3. Discipleship

Is LEAD open to both men and women?


Does attending LEAD guarantee a leadership role at Outward Church?

No. Completion of LEAD does not guarantee placement into a defined leadership role at Outward. Outward Group and ministry leaders are appointed at the discernment of the elders and church staff. While LEAD does function at times as a development program for specific ministry leaders, it is designed primarily as a discipleship tool and equipping resource for anyone desiring personal growth in Christ.

When/where do LEAD Labs take place?

LEAD Labs take place once a month immediately following the Sunday service at the church, from 12pm-2pm. Lunch and childcare will be provided (included in the cost for LEAD).

Is there childcare for LEAD Labs?

Yes. When you sign up for LEAD, you'll be given an option to indicate whether you will need childcare for the monthly cohort discussions. There is a nominal fee to help offset some of the cost for babysitting.

Do I have to commit to both semesters of LEAD to sign up?

No. We may require a full year's completion of LEAD for some ministry leaders, but in general, anyone wanting to do LEAD for personal growth will find value in even just one semester. Additionally, the sequence of semesters is interchangeable - you could do Fall/Spring, or Spring/Fall.

Can the content used in LEAD be made publicly available for anyone to use?

No. We can recommend some books, but beyond that we've chosen to keep the material private. This is partly because the video material we are utilizing for LEAD is paid content, but mostly because the real value in LEAD comes through the discussions that take place and the collaborative learning that happens through shared engagement.

Love Jesus. Live outward.

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