Fall 2017 Course Description & Syllabus

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Part 1: Devotion

To say it’s easy to shortchange personal communion with God in the grind of life and ministry is an understatement. Yet we can do nothing if we separate ourselves from Jesus; if we do not abide and commune with Him, our souls shrivel and our idols strengthen. Because nothing can replace a vibrant relationship with Jesus, nothing is more important in your life or ministry than communing with Him. This content is designed help you grow and stay close to your Savior.

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Part 2: Discipleship

We are all called to be disciples of Jesus. Not only that, but we are called to be disciples that MAKE disciples. What is a disciple? What is discipleship? How to I actually make disciples? These are some of the questions we hope to answer this month.

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Part 3: Marriage and Family

Don't be fooled by the title, this month’s topic isn't exclusively for married couples. Obviously the content provided will be immediately applicable to those of us that are married, but that does not exclude its usefulness in other parts of life. As we serve and lead, we will undoubtedly minister to both married and single people. Also, statistically, almost everyone here will be married at some point, and people will be looking to us as an example.

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Love Jesus. Live outward.

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