Outward Kids is a place where children learn to love, follow, and share Jesus!

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What is Outward Kids?

Outward Kids is a place for your youngest family members to learn about Jesus! Your kids will have the opportunity to make crafts, play games, hear engaging stories from the Bible, and sing along to fun music!

Outward Kids is for children nursery age through the fifth grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've tried to answer the most commonly asked questions about Outward Kids here.

Check in/out procedure

Sign your kids in at the Outward Kids desk in the lobby. Your child will be given a name tag sticker to put on their clothing, and you will be given a sticker with a matching code. Our volunteers are happy to assist you in finding your child's classroom!

IMPORTANT - you MUST present your family sticker to your child's teacher in order to pick up your child. A volunteer will inspect both stickers to ensure they match.

What are your safety policies?

All Outward Kids team members are required to pass a national background check and complete training in our safety procedures.

We always have a minimum of two Outward Kids team members in each classroom.

No Outward Kids staff or volunteer is ever allowed to enter a restroom alone with a child.

I have a special needs child. Can they participate in Outward Kids?

We have a "Buddy Team" of trained volunteers who are on-call to provide one-on-one attention and care for special needs children. Please notify us at check-in if your child requires special attention.

My kid has been sick recently - what is your wellness policy?

Our policy is that any previously ill child be symptom-free for 24 hours before participating in Outward Kids. Please respect this policy for the health of all children and volunteers.

I'm not quite ready to leave my infant in the nursery

That's ok! We have provided a "Mom's Room" adjacent to the Worship Center where you can watch a live stream of the service.

What if my child needs me during the service?

In the rare event that you are needed during the service, we will send you a text message notifying you of a problem. If that is not successful, we will display your family code on the screens in the worship center.

Volunteer to serve

There's a spot for you on the Outward Kids Team!

Love Jesus. Live Outward.

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