Equip invites you to grow as a follower of Jesus and trains you to help others grow in Him as well.

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What is Equip?

Equip is a cohort-based, intentional discipleship pathway at Outward, currently being offered at our Salem location. Equip invites you to grow as a follower of Jesus and trains you to help others grow in Him as well.

Equip takes place over three 10-week sessions. Through reading books, watching video content featuring seminary-level instructors and Bible teachers, engaging in online activities, and participating in weekly cohort discussions, you will have the opportunity to grow in your faith and put what you’re learning into practice.

Equip will focus on enriching your personal relationship with Jesus through the DEVOTION session, anchoring your theology and doctrinal beliefs in DOCTRINE, and then training you to make disciples through the final course of the year, DISCIPLESHIP.

If you’re ready to invest in taking steps toward growing deeper in your faith...then Equip is for you!

We believe that Equip will give you the tools and resources you’ll need to continue on mission here at Outward, loving Jesus and living outward.

Equip is currently being offered at Outward's Salem location.

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Two new Equip cohorts will begin meeting in Spring of 2022 and another will begin in September 2022. Please note there is a cap on size per cohort.

Equip FAQ's

How often does Equip meet?

Each Equip cohort meets together once a week in three 10-week sessions. Equip begins in September, January or April.

How much time should I plan to commit to Equip?

In addition to the weekly cohort (1.5 hours), plan to commit up to 3.5 hours a week for reading and assignments.

Is childcare provided?


Does Equip take the place of an Outward Group?

Equip is focused on intentional learning and discipleship growth. We want you to be able to bring what you are learning back to your Outward Group if you are a part of one, for others to see the transformation taking place in your life. Some Outward Groups may eventually transform into an Equip group, but Equip is also open to someone not currently in an Outward Group.

What day/time is Equip?

Cohorts will meet on different days and times throughout the week based on leaders and scheduling within the group. Spring 2022 cohorts will most likely be mid-week, on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Is there a cost?

Equip will require a monthly membership of $10 a month to the Acts 29 training website. You will also be responsible for buying your own books (we estimate a max of $100/for each 10-week session = $300/total for the year). There may be opportunity to borrow books you are not able to purchase.

Love Jesus. Live Outward.

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