Outward Essentials is offered Sundays at both Outward Church locations.

This week's conversation

What is Outward Essentials?

Outward Essentials is a set of six, one-hour conversations intended as an opportunity to discuss what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus at Outward Church.

Outward Essentials is open to anyone from the committed believer, to the curious, to the skeptical. We'll go in depth about what it means to belong to the local church, what Christians do and don't believe, and how we can embark on a process of becoming more like Jesus.

Conversation titles (these can be attended in any order):

  • 01 Church: God's Plan
  • 02 Church: The Family
  • 03 Doctrine: Fundamentals
  • 04 Doctrine: Distinctives
  • 05 Vision: Love Jesus
  • 06 Vision: Live Outward

Completing all six Essentials conversations will serve as a prerequisite for becoming a covenant member at Outward Church.

Outward Essentials is offered after service each Sunday in Salem and will soon be one hour before the Sunday service Outward Silverton. To find a schedule of upcoming conversations, visit our events page.

If you plan to attend in Silverton, click here to register so we know you're coming!

Love Jesus. Live Outward.

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