Becoming a part of the church is more than just attending a service – although that’s a great place to start! From there, here are some ways you can continue to get involved at Outward...

Attend BASIC

BASIC is your introduction to Outward Church. At BASIC, we'll cover some of our core beliefs as a church and talk about our vision for our city. We'll give you a chance to introduce yourself and ask any questions.

Join an Outward Group

Church is more than just a Sunday morning event. Outward Groups exist to create community in Gospel-centered relationships throughout the city.

Find a place to serve

Each and every one of us has been equipped in different ways to serve both the Body of Christ, and our city. Jesus came to the world to serve, and we try to follow his example.

Become a member

The church's members are those who are fully committed to living as servants and missionaries in our church and community - those who are "all in".

Live outward

Here are some of the other ministries where you can get involved and "live outward" in our community:

Love Jesus. Live outward.

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