Genesis: Where it All Began

Genesis: Where it All Began

Genesis is about beginnings - from first things to first humans. It reveals to us the origin of the people of earth and the origin of the people of God. Most of all, it shows us the Creator God, His care for creation and how we should relate to Him. Any attempt to attribute worth to humanity without God as its central, defining, purpose is ultimately hopeless. In Genesis, we see the intent of the Creator and find meaning in life.


Latest Sermon

The Sanctity of Life (Gen 9:5-7)

Matt Porter – Jan 20, 2019

Judgment to Joy (Gen 6:1-13)

Matt Porter – Dec 09, 2018

Thread of Hope (Gen 4:1-26)

Matt Porter – Dec 02, 2018

Covering Shame (Gen 3:14-24)

Matt Porter – Nov 25, 2018

The Fall (Gen 3:1-13)

Matt Porter – Nov 18, 2018

Men and Women (Gen 2:15-24)

Matt Porter – Nov 11, 2018

Rest and Work (Gen 1:26-2:15)

Matt Porter – Nov 04, 2018

Created in God's Image (Gen 1:6-25)

Matt Porter – Oct 28, 2018

Where it All Began (Gen 1:1-5)

Matt Porter – Oct 21, 2018


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