Real Jesus: Examining Christ in Luke's Gospel (Silverton)

Real Jesus: Examining Christ in Luke's Gospel (Silverton)

There is probably no figure in human history more misunderstood than Jesus Christ. Who was he? What did he come to do? Luke’s Gospel invites us to examine the person and work of Jesus and discover for ourselves. Join us as we seek to separate the man from the myth and find the Real Jesus.


(Luke 23:50-24:12) - Silverton

Tim Porter – Mar 20, 2022

(Luke 23:35-43) - Silverton

Matt Porter – Mar 06, 2022

(Luke 13:13-25) - Silverton

Brandon Haverland – Feb 20, 2022

Changed by Jesus (Luke 19:1-10) - Silverton

Brandon Haverland – Oct 17, 2021


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