Not everyone can be a foster parent. But as a church, we can all play a part in supporting the work of foster care.

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The need

We have created teams to "adopt" foster families at Outward Church. The following list is a sample of some of the ways these teams serve foster families in our church, and by extension, the foster children in their care:

  • MEAL DELIVERY In the same way we commonly take meals to a family when a new baby is born, temporarily providing meals for a season can help ease the burden of unexpectedly having a new child in the home.
  • LAWN CARE Regular household maintenance can become a burden when new children are placed in a home.
  • BABYSITTING Foster families often struggle to find babysitters due to the state requirements for babysitting. Providing CPR-certified, background checked babysitters for foster families enables them to get an occasional date night.
  • RESPITE CARE When a foster family needs to travel or take an extended break (longer than 48 hours), respite care providers are required. Our goal is to have certified respite care providers at Outward available to foster parents.
  • PRAYER Having a dedicated team praying specifically for the unique challenges faced by foster parents is one of the biggest way we can serve and care for foster families in our church. 

The above list is inspired from a blog post by Jason Johnson - "Ten Simple Ways Your Church Can Serve Foster Families." Read the full article here.

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