Outward Kids ONLINE

Parents, here's a video you can show your kids during the Sunday service livestream!

Sermon notes for kids

Kids joining you for the main service livestream? Here's a sermon notes sheet designed just for them.

Download and print

More Kids Resources


  • If your child has felt scared or anxious, print out these coloring pages and do them together.
  • She Reads Truth has made their children's daily scripture and activity book, Kids Read Matthew, available at no cost. Use this resource together to develop a deeper love for God’s Word.


  • The Bible App for Kids introduces kids to 41 important Bible stories and helps them understand the overall story that the Bible is telling. It is very kid-friendly, and the app reads to your child. This app also provides coloring sheets and downloadable resources.
  • The Superbook app uses a series of animated videos and will lead your child through the entire Bible, chapter by chapter, using the NLT translation. Every few verses, it shows one or more icons, indicating that there is an activity, game, quiz, or animated video that illustrates or pertains to that passage!
  • The God for Kids app helps kids discover who God is and what He is like, one adventure at a time.


  • In the kid's podcast Jesus is Better, Bible stories are explored and then used to point the littlest listeners to Jesus. Play an episode for your kids or listen along side them! (recommended for elementary aged kids)
  • The Circle Round podcast tells virtue-based folktales from around the world. Use these delightful stories to talk to your children about the importance of character and virtue.
  • If your child has a lot of questions about COVID-19, we highly recommend the Brains On podcast episode titled "Understanding Corona Virus and How Germs Spread".
  • As parents, we have the chance to attentively listen to our kids as we spend more time than normal together. We recommend this podcast episode for parents, which is included on Emily P. Freeman's podcast, The Next Right Thing.

Love Jesus. Live Outward.

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